Frequently Asked Questions

Do your Carers deal with all aspects of personal care for relatives living in their own homes?

Yes, we are happy to discuss and tailor the care needs of clients. Which range from showing, laundry, making light meals, visits to GP, to shopping, etc

Do all Carers have a Criminal Record Check?

Yes most definitely. All Carers undergo a Criminal record check by DBS and references are taken up prior to their employment.

Do your Carers administer medication and/or eye drops for clients?

No. Our Carers do not administer medication under any circumstances. Our Carers do, however, prompt clients to take their medication from Dossett Boxes or Blister packs.

Will Carers assist clients with a bath or shower?

Yes most certainly.

If a relative needs an ambulance or emergency treatment will Carers stay with the person?

In the event that a client needs an ambulance or emergency treatment our Carers will never leave them. They will always inform a family member or emergency contact where possible and will not alone.

If a visit is cancelled will client still be charged for the visit?

If the visit is cancelled in advance and the Carer can be contacted in time to cancel the visit the client will not be charged. If, however, a Carer arrives and the client then wants to cancel the visit for any reason the client will still be charged for the visit.

Is it possible to add additional visits or increase the duration or current visits will this be possible?

Yes, of course, additional visits can be arranged with prior notice or existing visits can be extended if we have enough notice beforehand to enable us to reschedule Carers visits.

Will clients always receive the same Carers?

No. Normally we will introduce more than one Carer to each client so that when their regular Carers are away or on holiday they will usually know the replacement