I love being called a carer!

A question was sent out to all members of staff and we received a great response. What was the question? 

What would you like your job title to be changed to?

A. Independent Care Specialist.     B. Homecare Worker

The reaction was mixed with the majority gravitating towards being an Independent Care Specialist. A comment or two caught Yemi’s attention though which made her ponder for a while. One  comment summarised purely said ” no matter what you call us, we will still do what we do best!”  The other comment was rather interesting and it is as follows “I don’t think we need a fancy title, we are what we are. I think the other titles sound quite harsh and regimented”.   We could not agree with you more on both comments – we think that they are spot on!  Why on earth would we like to make life more complicated than it already is! Well, the problem that we face is that the world is changing and before change even began, the change has already changed – Hope we did not confuse you there!

Research dictates that people are now beginning to feel indifferent to the word carer and we can already see this even in our society. It is increasingly becoming difficult to attract a younger generation to care due to the ‘stigma’ attached to it and to flip the coin, the vulnerable are somewhat reluctant to have ‘carers’ as they feel that they need more than someone to care for them. Well you and I can argue about this all day. Where does this stop? The word care can never be replaced or substituted. Care stems from the heart and if the heart dies, the body goes along with it.  What is our conclusion? We would rather remain a carer at heart than an Independent Care Specialist who just feels proud of his or her title and does not care at all about the vulnerable. Would you agree? The debate still continues……..